Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rose Pruning & Transplanting

Taproot Garden Design & Fine Gardening Report:
Pruning and Transplanting Roses in the San Jose, California Bay Area.

Important Seasonal Note: Always prune & transplant roses during their winter dormancy period, December through February, to avoid transplant shock.

Step By Step

Remove all dead and unhealthy wood (usually brown in color)

2) Cut at a 45 degree angle above an outward facing bud

Cut out all branches that cross or those that are growing inward, to open up the middle of the plant and provide air circulation

Shorten to 1/3 its current size

Clean pruning shears every few cuts by dipping shears in at least 70% alcohol solution to prevent spreading disease between plants

Dig a hole that is at least the width of the rootball, or about 2' wide and at least 1' deep

Add amendments to the soil. We used Gardner & Bloome Organic Rose & Flower Planting Mix, which includes alfalfa meal and worm castings

Build a mound in the middle of the hole, with a mix of the original soil and organic compost or planting mix

Dig up and remove the rose from its old planting hole and clean all weeds, leaf litter, and soil from the base and rootball area

Cut off any damaged roots

Plant the rose immediately so that the roots don't dry out

Spread the roots over the mound, making sure the crown is at ground level (add a banana peel directly on top of the mound for extra potassium)

Backfill with a mix of 50% original soil and 50% organic compost or planting mix

Add a handful of Alfalfa Meal around the base of the Rose. Work lightly into top 3 inches of soil

Tamp down with hands, being careful not to compact the soil around the crown

Soak with water thoroughly; allow to drain, then soak again

The end result
; finished transplanting:

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