Friday, June 17, 2011

Effortlessly Elegant, Evergreen Low Water Retreat

Its not often that you overhear a gardener glowing about how s/he wants badly to return to a specific garden for maintenance if only just to be back in the garden itself!

Well, this is just one of those magic gardens which strikes an ideal balance of form and texture, movement and foundation, open spaces and softly directed, natural views.

We added a few small detail elements which together give the garden a sense of time & place:

We added locally harvested rock of various sizes, anchor-stones intersecting the boarder in many places and a neat bit of custom yet affordable garden art that makes this one of a kind retreat truly unique.

Its hard to believe that 90% of this area actually started as a conventional turf lawn, which never really performed well in the open and often hot environment. To minimize water usage across the board we opted for fast spreading evergreen trees and shrubs which are hardy, easy to prune and once established necessitate a very small fraction of the water it would take to maintain a typical lawn, to state it mildly.

This entire garden is run off of conventional, profe4sssional grade drip equipment of our specification. We use 360*  0-20gph drip heads on each plant to maximize water delivery to the exact root area, in the precise amount without switching valves or water-zones between plants, saving a substantial amount of both economic and environmental resource in the forefront through logical design.

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