Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hanah's Low Water, Fast Growing, Lawn Replacement Solution in Sunnyvale, CA

Low Water Garden in Sunnyvale, CA
Great Looking, Low Water

Would you like to see your tired old front lawn gone? Can you imagine the ideal assemblage of low water, drought tolerant, California friendly plantings? We can and did with the help of one of our chic clients. Starting with only one gallon plantings, in just over one year this once tiny front landscape is now a low-water feature in the neighborhood. Where many low water, drought tolerant gardens look dry & flat, this garden has color, volume and style to match - and it's just getting started! A winning recipe in any book.

Low Water Garden & Landscape Design in Sunnyvale, CA

From simple one-gallon plantings come great things!

Super-spreading, low water, fast volume, bright-green foliage is a great choice.

Close-up of one of our good friends.

Looking through Ceanothus, Coyote Brush & newly planted Arctostaphylos
Attractive to local insect & wildlife, as well as humans! Win-win.

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