Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Cool Mediterranean Garden - Mountain View, California

This gardens previous owners had lawn and invasive bamboo that took two years of concentrated effort for the current homeowner's to remove.  Like a sweet song or a good poem, Taproot Garden Design worked with Nancy & Shahzad's brilliant personal style and combined ideas to create a garden with unique, eclectic, and artistic elements.  Now, the homeowner's treasure their daily breakfasts and evening dinners in this garden of cool blues, greens, and greys that relax the mind and body.  Two espaliered apple trees, three espaliered peach trees, and a Pomegranate tree provide for the bees in the spring and sweet fruit for the homeowner's from summer through fall.

The Village Gardener, members of  the California Landscape Contractor's Association installed this garden just over a year ago, in the spring months of 2014 and it is looking fantastic!
Back Yard Design

Subtle blend of cool colors & textures are soothing to the eyes & hands.
Wicker chairs and a wood table match the natural grey tones of the unstained redwood deck.
An alluring view...
Simple tile embellishments in the concrete makes all the difference and adds substantial theme, interest & personal flair.
The soft plumes of Mendocino Reed Grass (Calamagrostis foliosa) soften the edges of the concrete planter.  The union of the redwood deck and the concrete planter are seamless and demonstrate that the right materials, used together effectively in design, create a sense of creativity and novelty.
A Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) and four Mendocino Reed Grasses (Calamagrostis foliosa) grace this tile-inlaid concrete planter.  Specific tiles from Fireclay Tile were personally chosen by the homeowners and integrated into the final installation.
French doors open onto a level redwood deck, allowing for ease of transition, even with a handful of food and drinks.
The low redwood deck provides the homeowner's an opportunity to observe and interact with the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that frequent their garden.
Seating on multiple levels allows for small parties to break into even smaller, intimate engagements.
A built in corner bench allows for more seating, or extra table space for food and drinks.
Corner bench seating calls attention to the end of the deck and the beginning of the planted areas.
View from the small patio
Gardenias and Lavenders are planted throughout the garden, providing alluring scents throughout the warmer months.
Mendocino Reed Grasses, Lavenders, and Gardenias surround the small concrete patio.
The same tile from Fireclay Tile that was inlaid into the concrete planter was also used in the concrete patio.
The small concrete patio sits in the corner of the garden, under an Olive tree.  After 3:00pm, it is in full shade, offering a respite to the happy wanderer.
Espaliered fruit trees grace the sides of walls and fences, without being attached to either.  Espaliered Peach trees and Apple trees are on post and heavy gauge wire trellis'.
A pomegranate tree, two apple trees, three peach trees, and a Meyer lemon are among the fruiting trees in this garden.
An espaliered Meyer lemon enjoys the heat of the chimney.  A Kangaroo Paw makes a stately partner with its yellow flowers matching the yellow lemons.



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