Saturday, June 25, 2016

Modern Garden Design in Menlo Park, California

This garden in Menlo Park, California was installed in the early spring months of 2016.  The modern house and matching studio were clearly in need of new surroundings, and the family was in need of an outdoor space that would accentuate their home life.  Out with the old lawn and in with the new deck, hot tub, wood bench seating, concrete planters, decomposed granite patio, raised vegetable box, fruit trees, and drought tolerant shrubs and perennials.

Modern elements in the garden reflect the style of the architecture.  The young couple and their kids can now entertain friends and family in a clean, natural, and open environment.
BEFORE:  The dead lawn and unused outdoor space before the makeover.
Wood bench seating surrounds a concrete planter bed.
Plenty of bench seating for entertaining small parties or, for stargazing during the warm summer nights.
A tan decomposed granite patio replaced the brown lawn. The open layout gives enough space for inclusion of tables and a fire pit when entertaining. Wood posts in the back corner will be used to string up lights and shade sails.
A concrete raised bed doubles as seating next to the hot tub.
In its first two months since installation, this mix of California native plants, drought tolerant perennials, evergreen shrubs, and fruit trees have already flowered and grown three times their size.  A healthy dose of myccorhizae in the planting hole gave way for healthy established roots.

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