Saturday, April 30, 2022

College Drive in San Jose, California

Currently on the market is a beautiful home listed by real estate agent Adriane Alston in the San Jose region of Northern California.  Our landscape design work is featured in half of the photos in the listing.  See link: 871 College Drive, San Jose, CA

The landscape was designed and installed in 2018, when we were still hand rendering with pencil.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Winters Residence -  Almaden Valley, San Jose, California

With views of the Almaden Foothills and the occasional rolling cloud cover, this garden is a beauty to relax in. Composed of mostly California Native & Mediterranean plants, it was designed to live through our drought conditions and warm weather.  Purple, orange, and white were the main color combination amongst the greens, giving the entire garden a sense of continuity from the front yard to the back.





Tuesday, June 16, 2020

BEFORE AND AFTER in Sunnyvale, California -

This amazing garden transformation took four years to establish.  The front entryway to this house was re-envisioned with sun-loving, drought tolerant evergreen perennials, shrubs, and trees.

The homeowner's idea to repaint the house colors made the entire space more appealing when viewed from the sidewalk or street.

The above photo, taken in Spring 2020, 
shows the garden four years after the 
installation of Teucrium chamaedrys 
(WallGermander), ornamental grasses, 
and a small Olive tree.

 The above photo, taken in 2016,  
shows a background of tired yellow 
Japanese Forest Grass that didn't feel lush 
or inviting to walk by.  In the foreground, 
one gallon Teucrium chamaedrys 
(Wall Germander) were just beginning to be 
introduced through the garden spaces.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Ceanothus 'Valley Violet'

A reliable, hardy, low growing, sun tolerant, low water needs Ceanothus that blooms from early March through April.  Bees cover the flowers throughout the day. 

See more of this garden by clicking on the links below.



2019 March 14 - Ceanothus 'Valley Violet'

2019 March 14 - Ceanothus 'Valley Violet'

Arctostaphylos ‘Dr. Hurd’ (Manzanita)

A durable California Native shrub/small tree with clusters of pure white blossoms from January through March.  Eight specimens of Arctostaphylos 'Dr. Hurd' Manzanitas grow in the Miller Garden, in  San Jose, California.  See more photos of the Miller garden here:  



 2019 January 24 -
Arctostaphylos ‘Dr. Hurd’ (Manzanita)

 2019 January 24 -
Arctostaphylos ‘Dr. Hurd’ (Manzanita)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita

Spotlight on:  Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita

April 2017, after the winter rains of 2016, the apple green leaves of Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita illuminate the garden in the spring.

What it looks like underneath -  In June 2017, the same (above) Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita, just two months later, began peeling, showing its rich burgundy colored bark.  The surrounding leaf fall happened simultaneously with the peeling bark, and the Manzanita shed all of its old growth in one orchestrated event.  The amount of water received during the winter no doubt boosted this process.

May 2018, a year after the bark peeled, this (above) Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita is once again healthy and vibrant, and a valuable jewel in the garden.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Willow Glen, San Jose - Boulders, Grasses, & Groundcovers

This lovely garden in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood was re-designed and planted in October 2016 to take advantage of the winter rains. The original hardscape, lawn, and all trees were retained, and low water grasses and boulders were added. Moss and lichen covered Sonoma Fieldstone Boulders added structure, while Mendocino Reed Grasses and Autumn Moor Grasses added softness to the front entry.

Sonoma Fieldstone Boulders were used to display hand carved pumpkins during Halloween, October 31, 2017.
A large Sonoma Fieldstone boulder, with unique features, was added to the entrance between the driveway and the walkway.
A close-up of one of the large Sonoma Fieldstone boulders, with its unique features.
A mix of large, medium, and small Sonoma Fieldstone boulders were 'planted' in the soil throughout the garden.
Moss and lichen covered Sonoma Fieldstone Boulders amidst Mendocino Reed Grasses and Autumn Moor Grasses.
Moss and lichen covered Sonoma Fieldstone Boulders amidst Mendocino Reed Grasses and Autumn Moor Grasses.
Moss grows naturally in pockets and cracks in this Sonoma Fieldstone Boulder.

Mendocino Reed Grass (Calamagrostis foliosa) and Yerba Buena (Satureja douglasii) groundcover fill in bare spots around rocks & boulders.